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My family is the most important thing in my life. Since my business is on my property near my home, I am able to better balance my work life with my family life. Personal success is all about being happy. Part of my desire to start this business was to finance a hobby that I love. Now more than a self-sustaining hobby, my business is providing income for my family.

Dandy Horse Bicycles started in my yard with the interest of helping my community by supporting sustainable and healthy transportation. With the rise of demand, largely by being the only bike shop in town, Dandy Horse Bicycles grew in status and branched out to provide other services. Retail sales and bicycle rentals now form a large portion of revenue for my company and have provided a needed service on Cortes Island. Dandy Horse was registered as a sole proprietorship in August 2013. My company serves both the year round cycling community and caters to the needs of tourists in the summer season. If I help one person get on a bike and ride then I have succeeded in making the world a better place.

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