Bike Repair

We strive to deliver the best cycling experience by focusing on quality repairs, friendly atmosphere and prompt service. Dandy Horse Bicycles advocates the use of humble and simple technology as a solution to complex environmental and social issues and aims to make a significant contribution to the Cortes community.

Dandy Horse takes pride in providing quality service work. We are equipped to perform repairs on any brand of bike, from modern to vintage. Bring your bike in, we’ll give you an estimate and get it back to you as soon as possible. We have an extensive range of new and used parts in stock and we can special order most other items and get them in within 10 days.

Note: during the peak cycling season our repair queue can lengthen for major service work. We do offer an appointment-based system though so you don’t have to part ways with your bike for too long. If your bike is ridable, bring it in and we will evaluate the work to be done, write up a work order, schedule a date for your bike in our queue and send you on your way. On the day before your appointment bring your bike back — it will be returned a day or two later.